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From linear to circular, from care to positive health, from fossil fuels to sustainable energy, and from analogue to digital; each of these transitions top the agenda in the Northern Netherlands. The big question is: how can knowledge institutes contribute to a sustainable transformation in the region? To answer this question, the UG, Hanze UAS Groningen, and NHL Stenden UAS are introducing The Change Dialogues; a series of conversations on sustainable transformation. The first three sessions have already been planned.

Making a difference together

Professor Lisa Herzog, involved with The Change Dialogues on behalf of the UG: ‘In order to achieve the abovementioned transitions, we’ll all have to move towards living together in a more sustainable way. The question is, of course: how will we do this? It’s interesting that there are many different approaches to sustainability. Does sustainability only entail the environment? Or does it also entail the social aspects of policies? The Change Dialogues bring together researchers, governments, companies, and societal organizations to discuss this and, in the process, to make a difference.’

Change Dialogue 1: The circular economy and beyond

The first Change Dialogue has already been planned. On 21 September, the initiative kicks off with a session entitled ‘The circular economy and beyond’, in which Egbert Dommerholt, lector of Biobased Business Valorization at Hanze UAS Groningen, Erik Luisman, Sustainability & Business Development Manager at furniture manufacturer VEPA Hoogeveen, and Dennis Vegter, researcher at NHL Stenden UAS and circular supply chain consultant will discuss how we can develop circular systems, in which we no longer just use up but also reuse raw materials and energy. The session will be held at the new House of Connections at the Grote Markt in Groningen.

The second and third sessions have been planned for 16 November (Economic and other values) and 7 December (Purpose and participation), respectively.

Registration and more information

You can now register for the first Change Dialogue!

If you would like to know more about The Change Dialogues or would like to contribute, please contact Lisa Herzog via