The Northern Netherlands is an amazing region, boasting ambition, perseverance, courage, and innovative strength. Met ambitie, doorzettingsvermogen, lef en innovatiekracht. With challenges that we see as opportunities, to achieve broad prosperity in the North, and to serve as an inspiration for the rest of the Netherlands and the world. For this purpose we are bringing together research, education, and innovation in the University of the North (UvhN).

The University of the North is a knowledge and innovation network consisting of five Northern knowledge institutions. We work together in the three northern provinces of the Netherlands.

We are convinced that broad prosperity in our region is possible if we achieve impactful transitions together. From fossil to renewable energy. From a linear to a circular economy. From healthcare to positive health. And from analogue to digital.

What are we working on together?

The initiatives we take together demonstrate the impact of education, research, and innovation on society. The first extraordinary results are already visible in our icon programmes.

“We wish to achieve broad prosperity. We play our part by stimulating transitions in our region through research, education, and innovation. In a multidisciplinary community we bring knowledge together and develop new and immediately applicable knowledge.”

Knowledge Agenda

Groningen, Friesland, and Drenthe have untapped economic potential. We are interested in fully utilizing and growing this potential in cooperation with the business community, societal organizations and other knowledge institutions. We will be focusing on four major themes:

We want to achieve solid, structural changes in our region. Read more about our plans to achieve these goals in the Knowledge Agenda for the North.

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